Unlocking potential takes heart

In the blur of 982km/h, the boom of trillion gigabits potential ticks, hums, and roars. What does it take to uncover it, and unlock it to move the world forward?

It takes confronting complexity and leading with truth by answering questions and questioning answers. It takes a critical eye, the red-eye, eye-opening insight to discover unique advantage. It takes a place to stand, and never stand still to turn ideas into lasting impact. It takes standing together. It takes working shoulder to shoulder across tables, across isles, across oceans.

It takes a solid foundation to lift others higher throughout leadership, mentorship, partnership, to grow the people who grow the world.

Unlocking potential takes heart. Because at the heart of strategic potential, organizational potential, economic potential, intellectual potential, societal potential, Global potential is the human potential that moves us all forward. 

You can rely on many partners, but you won’t find anyone fighting for you with a full heart as the way we at BILLNET do. 


Advanced Electronics

We help the makers keep pace with automation technology and navigate a fragmented value chain by benefit from technological and operational advances, while managing market volatility and continually changing regulations.

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense company is charting a course to software and services, focusing on creating new data-driven models to complement its hardware platforms. A set of paradigm shifts is forcing companies to rethink their approach to services businesses, to promote both growth and operational efficiency.


Achieving optimal yields and efficiency in European meat processing. Companies that have aggressively pursued automation have cut costs and waste, all while improving beef and pork quality.

Automotive & Assembly

We help clients improve productivity, strengthen innovation, and compete globally in a variety of markets. The changes currently taking place in the automotive-supplier industry from the need to go global to the emergence of new competitors in low-cost countries have increased business uncertainties and turned decision making that used to be straightforward.

Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Long-term success in Capital Projects & Infrastructure requires effective capital deployment, while building the right teams, capabilities, and operating models. We help clients create Change that Matters by optimizing their portfolios, designing teams and project organizations with the right capabilities for capital excellence, and harnessing disruptive digital technologies that are changing the way projects are planned, built, and operated.


We help clients build capabilities and capture new opportunities while addressing powerful forces reshaping the chemicals industry.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We help clients achieve sustainable performance gains by optimizing corporate strategy, category strategies, and financial productivity

Electric Power & Natural Gas

We help businesses succeed in increasingly competitive energy markets by developing their capabilities, transforming their performance, and building a culture of continuous improvement.

Financial Services

We help financial services firms worldwide define, build, and maintain winning strategies.

Healthcare Systems & Services

Public & Private Healthcare organizations ramp up efforts to treat COVID-19 patients, we provide them with tools to manage cases, analyze data, assess and treat patients remotely. We deliver innovative solutions to tackle the biggest healthcare challenges.

Metals & Mining

We help resolving the outstanding challenges by finding and applying the impact-driven approach aligned with your strategy

Oil & Gas

We help oil and gas companies develop strategies to pursue growth and create value in an uncertain and volatile environment.

Paper, Forest Products & Packaging

We help organizations develop, refine, and implement plans to achieve profitable growth even as demand for traditional pulp and paper products is rapidly changing.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

With the outbreak of COVID-19 we help Governments find rapid resources for related products and services in need. We help private and public healthcare leaders create Change that Matters by making healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible for millions of people around the world.

Private Equity & Principal Investors

We create alpha for private equity investors across the deal life cycle, ranging from preinvestment diligence through postinvestment...

Public Sector

Improving the lives of citizens worldwide


Helping retailers win in their markets

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Navigating rapidly changing markets to promote innovation, capture new opportunities, and create value

Transport & Logistics

To help our clients improve their cost-efficiency, we work across all available levers


Making it easier for everyone to experience the world through innovation and insight, we are upgrading the simplicity in the world of business travel



We help clients become analytics-driven organizations that achieve better performance through data.
We help clients become analytics-driven organizations that achieve better performance through data.


We help clients grow by design and apply the change that matters to you serving the current markets


We drive transformation and build businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the digital age


When organic growth is limited, acquisitions offer a way to grow. Growth drives value creation by reinventing the core to seamless, value-creating transactions 

Marketing & Sales

The key to grow faster than the market is in the Marketing Strategy and we help clients make lasting improvements to the effectiveness of their sales investments and interactions with customers across all channels to drive sales growth.


We help Solving operational challenges today, to create growth and resilience tomorrow.


We are the best in that segment and we help organizations reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill their procurement teams so that they can realize cost savings faster. We aim to ensure savings are measurable and sustainable – delivering greater value for your business over the longer term. 


We help our clients master organizational change and manage people better, and so create enduring value from turnarounds, reorganizations, and mergers.


We help our clients create change that matters — transformation, enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities.

Strategy & Corporate Finance

Building enduring value through bold strategies. We help clients improve performance by designing portfolios—supported by resource reallocation, integrated business-unit strategies, and planning processes—that position them for success.


Helping businesses, investors, and governments capture opportunities, transform operations, manage risk, and drive growth in an orderly transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy


Changing the path through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and wealth


Business Design

To navigate the future with confidence, organizations need to make and act upon the right choices: clear, timely and inspirational choices that deliver growth in a dynamic, disrupted world. Billnet’s Business Design practitioners combine deep industry insights with cutting edge methods to help leaders resolve their most critical decisions, drive value, and achieve transformational success.

Strategy tailored to your business

We work with chief executives and their teams to catalyze enterprise wide, strategy-led transformation to realize full business value, leveraging deep perspectives about customers, technology evolution and disruption, sector-blurring ecosystems, and changing sources of competitive advantage.

We partner with the best in class and work alongside clients to create effective business unit strategies and secure alignment across the enterprise. When senior executives face conflicting mandates of developing long-term strategies while delivering short-term results, we work together to design and deliver integrated and accelerated growth programs in their enterprises. As a recognized leader in innovation strategy, we help companies seize new growth opportunities by building, and launching, new offerings and businesses.

We work closely with executives to identify, prioritize, and design business capabilities that enable transformation and realize value. Targeted pricing strategies and initiatives can drive substantial revenue and margin growth. And our cost reduction specialists leverage powerful tools, assets, and industry knowledge, to identify and realize sustainable margin improvement.


Who we are

We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create Change that Matters to them with a positive impact to the world. We take it from the C-suite to the front line, by partnering with our clients to transform their organizations in the ways that matter most to them.

With exceptional people in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Middle East, we combine global expertise and local insights to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality. 

We combine knowledge and experience as powerful factors towards our client's goals and success

Powered by knowledge

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s institutional context, sector dynamics, and macroeconomic environment. 

For this reason, we invest heavily in resources in relationships with the best in class, updating our forces in knowledge development, learning and capability building. 

Innovating Solutions

In today’s fast pace environment, our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. To do this, we are bringing new trends,  acquiring and developing new capabilities.

No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow and lead.

Delivering through Diversity

We have over 40+ nationalities and speak 30+ different languages and we help organizations craft better diversity strategies to gain a competitive edge. At Billnet, diversity is integral to our mission by helping our clients make substantial, lasting performance improvements and build a company that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. 

Our affinity networks foster community, mentorship, professional development, and advancement for members of the LGBTQ+ community, parents of special-needs children, and colleagues with disabilities.

Sustainability - Our Commitment is to protect the planet

Defined by our people

We operate as a single global partnership united by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity.

We take a consistent approach to recruiting and skills development regardless of where our people are located, so that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.

Code of Professional Conduct

Billnet stands firmly against bribery and corruption in all its forms. We expressly prohibit any form of bribe or kickback and we are committed to fully comply with the anti-corruption laws of all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

We have strict policies and professional standards that apply to every member of the company. Any potential breach of these ethical standards is subject to comprehensive investigation, with appropriate action taken.

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